Yakslapper in Guild Wars 2

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About Yakslapper :

The Yakslapper is a Unique Item dropped by Wroth Yakslapper in Grenth's Footprint.

Weapon stats


·Energy +10

·Fire Damage: 11-22 (req. 9 Divine Favor)

·Reduces Deep Wound duration on you by 20%

·Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)

·Energy +5

·Enchantments last 20% longer


This staff cannot be fully replicated because it contains an inscription that is normally available only to shields and focus items.

This is one of only two items in the game that share the Sacred Staff skin, the other item is the Holy Staff quest reward from The Ambassador's Quandary.

Q: I really want the title "Yakslapper" and not "The Ultimate Interceptor". Do you think we could get Anet to change the WvW achievement titles?

Somer answers from Guild Wars 2 players:

--Yakslapper should not be a title. It should be a Legendary weapon.

--Pretty much every WvW achievement is damn ridiculous. The amounts are just impossible to reach, ever.

-- I was just having this thought. Some of the "Ultimate" titles and achievements should be switched. Rather be the "Master of Disaster" than the "Ultimate Besieger", "King of the Castle" rather than "Ultimate Liberator". Anet should really review the WvW titles because they don't seem very appealing for the massive amount of time needed to get any of them.

-- For starters, the WvW titles would be better without the "Ultimate" prefix which sounds like something lame from decades past.


How long does it take to get Yakslapper? And is it worth it?

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