World of Warcraft 5.2 PTR: Transmog Weapon Restrictions Changed

rs2007walmart Date: May/29/14 02:18:04 Views: 441

Last month, Blizzard tweeted about possible transmog restrictions being lifted in 5.2.

Blue Topic:

Removing main-hand/off-hand Xmog restrictions maybe by 5.2. Also allowing Xmog of weaps w/ similar anims (2H axe/2H sword, etc).

Problem right now is fist weapons can be quite big, & Monk anims are detailed enough that these weapons cause bad art clipping.

I discussed w/ @Ghostcrawler & he's going to see if we can make polearm Xmog work for War/DK/Ret weapon types. Want to!

Transmogging Off Hand or Main Hand weapons to One Hand weapons wasn't possible on the PTR. On the 5.2 PTR, some of these changes have been implemented already:

·Transmogging between 1h axes, swords, and maces worked. On the PTR, I was able to transmog between  Rod of the Sun King,  Blade of Savagery, and  Peon-Chopping Axe.

·In addition, transmogging between 2h axes, swords, and maces was possible. On the PTR, I went between  Warmaul of Infused Light,  Twinblade of the Phoenix, and  Torn-Heart Axe of Battle.

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--Now people who hate the Shin'ka appearance can finally change it to a sword. This way, people won't have to be forced to use Starshatter instead!

--What about Main-hand with One-Hand? I want to transmog my onehad sword into a mainhand sword but currently that's not possubru.

--Now I never have to equip anything that isn't Corrupted Ashbringer ever again.

--they should let us transmog between Polearm and Staff. using polearm with a druid was always made me angry, while there was a Wildfury staff in my bag :(

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