The Director of Runescape Mark Ogilvie had his own idea about gameplay

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When we asked design director Mark Ogilvie what he imagined RuneScape 3's landscape would look like in a year's time, his answer was simple: "We have no idea!" This is because the ultimate fate of the various regions - and thus the future complexion of Gielinor - is in the hands of the fanbase. After see Runescape 3 got tons of players, we can say Mark Ogilvie made a great success.
According to Ogilvie, RuneScape 3 will turn the perception of browser-based gaming on its head by leveraging HTML 5 to deliver an experience capable of rival AAA console games. (But fear not, readers who are viewing this site on a 19th century spinning wheel - RuneScape 3 will continue to work with older browsers). The game currency – rs 3 gold can be tradable like old school runescape gold.

Performance benefits include better draw distances and 'unidentifiable' loading times. HTML5 also allows the game to stream CD-quality music into the game world while you play, finally spelling the end for the MIDI tunes that have served as Guelinor's soundtrack for over a decade.
Players will have to decide which gods to align with and fight on their behalf. Familiar areas could become almost unrecognisable depending on which gods manage to wrest control of them. Oglivie admits that this approach will court controversy as long-time players have an emotional attachment to the game world - but he also points out that they're giving the players the agency to fight for the future they want.