RS07 Quest Guide of What Lies Below

rs2007walmart Date: May/29/14 02:18:04 Views: 439

Some rs07 players asked me how to do finish the quest of What Lies Below. I searched the information on the internet and found the following info which will be helpful for you to finish that quest!

Step one: Speak to Rat Burgiss, who is at the crossroads south of Varrock and north of Lumbridge. He will tell you that a bunch of outlaws have ransacked his trading cart and that he needs you to get back the 5 papers they stole from him. He will give you a folder to keep them in.


Step two: Head north towards Varrock Castle and then head west to the tunnel shortcut. Use it to reach the Outlaw camp.


Step three: Once at the camp, kill five Outlaws (level 32) to retrieve five of Rat's papers, then use them on the folder Rat gave you.


Step four: Return to Rat with the folder and he will give you another assignment. He will ask you to deliver his letter to Surok Magis in the library of Varrock.


Step five: Head to the library in Varrock Castle and speak to Surok Magis. He will tell you that he can make clay into rs gold bars! He will need two items, an ordinary bowl and a wand infused with Chaos.


Step six: Now you have to get to the Chaos altar. There are three ways to get there. All require a chaos talisman or tiara.


Step seven: Use your wand on the altar, and it will start to glow. Now return to the library of Varrock and talk to Surok Magis. He will then give you a letter for Rat.


Step eight: Head back to Rat and deliver the message. Rat will explain to you that he is actually the commander of Varrock Palace's Secret Police and that Surok Magis is planning on taking over the Kingdom of Misthalin by using a mind control spell on King Roald. Rat will direct you to Zaff, owner of the Staff shop in Varrock square, in order to prepare a spell to counteract Surok's.


Step nine: Talk to Zaff and he will explain his plan to you. Zaff will give you a Beacon Ring and instructions on how to arrest Surok Magis. Get your gear ready for a fight.


Step ten: Head to Surok and attempt to arrest him. He will cast his spell on King Roald and you will have to fight him. Fight King Roald (Level 47) until he is at 0 hitpoints and then use the Beacon Ring. Zaff will arrive and will save King Roald. He will then tell you to go and talk to Rat.


Step eleven: Return to Rat Burgiss to finish the quest. Congratulations! Quest Complete! And you will also get runescape gold as reward while doing the quest.