RS Gold Buying and Selling Strategies in the Game

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For some runescape players, merchant in the game to make runescape gold is really a good way. But if you don't know the principles of doing business in runescape, you must lose your money. So how to be a good merchant in the game is a common question from runescape players.Today, will give you some RS gold buying and selling strategies in your game playing so that you can get a lot of profit on it.How to buy and sell RS gold in game?Use price averaging. If the price goes up and you flip the item, you'll make a bigger profit overall.Buy high-value runescape items below price. Set orders starting at 5% below the GE price. Slowly increase your offer until someone bites.Sell high-value items above price. Set your price at 5% - 10% above the GE price. Then, drop it gradually until someone makes the buy.Buy single commodities to test prices.Use odd pricing. Most people will set prices on even numbers, like 10,000 rsgold. If you set your price at 9,991 rs gold, you'll beat their offer.Set a price floor.

If you have enough extra runescape gold and one of your runescape items starts to free-fall in price, then make a huge order for the item to stop the price from decreasing. Then, when you've cornered the market, sell your rs items gradually to avoid causing the price to drop dramatically again.Specialize in a few items. Get to know 2 or 3 items and become familiar with their price ranges. For those items, you'll be able to spot a good deal quickly.Set a hedge. When you invest in a certain rs item at 150 rsgold, keep buy orders in the exchange at 140 runescape gold and sell offers at 180 runescape gold. When your buy or sell offer hits, you'll be able to predict the path that prices are headed, and you can decide whether to sell out quickly or whether to keep buying.

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