Mark Ogilvie’s response to 3 FAQ about Runescape

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How surprising has the level of interest for Evolution of Combat been?
Mark Ogilvie: Its always quite humbling how passionate and interested the players are in our game! However, a change as significant as the Evolution of combat was always going to spark a huge amount of debate. We’re just pleased we had the opportunity to offer it as a beta rather than as an ordinary update to the live game. We weren’t sure just how interested people would be in beta access, but we were getting thousands of sign-ups every minute when we first announced it and even managed to crash our servers. At present runescape eoc equals to runescape 3, and the ingame currency becomes to runescape 3 gold. Actually, the same rs server and same gold.
How will RuneScape evolve as the MMO genre starts to enter that 'next-gen' phase and more types of games become connected?
MO: RuneScape is the most updated game in the history of computer games. We thrive on change and we relish the chance to evolve and adapt to a new marketplace. RuneScape was - at its birth - a social tool, so the idea of modifying the product to work with other media types is certainly on the short-term list of challenges we want to overcome.

With regards to the next gen, I’m not sure that anyone can answer that question or, indeed, identify what a next gen MMO is. While several of the key features and ideas being bandied around right now in 'next-gen' games are interesting, I don’t think they define a new generation - just that their implementation of traditional MMO ideas is polished. I have some ideas for sure! I’m certainly interested in the mobile market and would love to see a way of earning XP and developing my character while on the move, but I'm not sure that's next-gen either.
What's the secret to MMO longevity in an increasingly competitive genre?
MO: Find your niche and own it. Don’t be afraid to innovate to stay competitive, but not at the expense of your core community or gameplay. You can try the latest runescape edition which is called old school runescape. Personally it’s funny than rs 3. Also you can buy old school runescape gold on our website too.