How To Trade RS 2007 Gold in Game

rs2007walmart Date: May/29/14 02:18:04 Views: 530

Runescape 2007 server comes on now,we see most Runescape EOC players convert to play old school server. Also more and more players are visiting our site for runescape 2007 gold recently.But how to trade in game for runescape 2007 gold,is it like EOC gold delivery method? Many customers asked the questions like it.

The answer is Of course,there is no difference for the trade method between EOC gold and 2007 gold.After your payment go through PayPal account of our company, we will inform you what world and what location to take gold from our guys. Coming Livechat support is the best conversation way, which make your order completed faster, because we can talk each other face to face online. At the same time, you can share our friendly and nice customer service.During the trade,our guy will send an  invitation of accept trade to you, you can only need to click on accpet trade, then you can find gold appears in your money pack. You can confirm the gold amount if it is same as your order amount.

The most you need to notice is avoid scammer in game. After your trade, please Dont stay the spot for long time, and try not to talk to the strangers in game. They normally pretended to be our guys and talk to you. Maybe they tell you to give the gold to them to have a check seeing if it is legit,or they would ban your account. If you are new customer or a trial player,you may not relise it is scamming. This is very important to you. Some customers come to our website, we warned them about this again and again before the trade, but they were still scammed in the end.It is really ridiculous as others think.

Our huge amount runescape gold in stock now,you can buy runescape gold from us any time.Please remember the notice I said above about trade method and how to ignore scammers in game. You will win finally for sure.