How to save money for old school runescape new players

rs2007walmart Date: May/29/14 02:18:04 Views: 495

Old school runescape is a lot different from normal play style of runescape. i collected some tips of saving money for new players that come into old school from some veteran old players. we will share with u today.


First of all , old school is much hardder to come by in terms of making money, but for eoc there is a lot less techniques to get lots of gold and wealth.
Here is a list of things that new players to old school runescape can do to make some easy gold .

Kill cows , the cowhides and possibly even bones are worth a decent amount if they add up and keep killing them, as the cowhides are needed for people to craft, not too mention the cows are a low level of only 2 so it won't take long for a new player to start killing them pretty quickly.

Picking flax, this is a very easy fast technique for anybody to do. Just south of Camelot bank there is a massive field filled with them and you can pick them very quickly.
On the same note as picking flax, if you just have a level of 10 crafting you can turn the flax into bow strings, which players always need to buy for fletching. Once you reach 10 crafting you can go to a spinning wheel in lumbridge or seers village and start making plenty of profit !

Mining,this is an interesting one since most players that are new have a low mining level, how ever once you reach level 15 you can mine iron ore which is very profitable. People always want to be buying iron ore as they are needed for iron bars and steel bars in smithing, and once you reach level 30 you can mine coal which is also quite profitable.

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Well thats my little short guide for new old school players , hope it helped :)