How to protect your Runescape account

rs2007walmart Date: May/29/14 02:18:04 Views: 434

Unfortunately, there are people on Runescape who would rather scam players out of their hard-earned gear than play the game by the rules. However, the only way these people can take advantage of you is if you let them, either by being careless or not keeping yourself informed. Here is a quick primer on keeping your Runescape account safe and scammer-free.



1.Be mindful of what people are asking for. There are lots of people, especially in the beginning area, who beg for free stuff. NEVER give them your account password! The game creators, Jagex, will never ask for your password in-game.

2.Have your friends create separate accounts. This is particularly important if you have a paid Runescape account. The last thing you want is for someone you thought was a friend to make off with your credit card information.

3.Report harassment. If you find someone behaving as they shouldn't, first ask them politely to stop. If they persist, use the "Report Abuse" button at the bottom of the screen. This will alert the in-game authorities, who will deal with the problem.

4.Be courteous yourself. Potentially dangerous conflicts can often be avoided by polite behavior. Scammers will have less reason to scam you if you brush them aside politely and continue on with the game. Giving them a hard time can result in constant spamming and diminished enjoyment of the game.

5.Use the Ignore List (the red frowny face button in the interface) to stop irritating people from bothering you.

6.Switch servers to a less-populated realm if you find yourself being constantly harassed.

Tips & Warnings:
NEVER give your password to ANYONE! Some people will attempt to pose as a Jagex employee, but remember that Jagex will NEVER ask for your password!