How to Avoid Muted in RuneScape

rs2007walmart Date: May/29/14 02:18:04 Views: 505

Do you have accounts that are banned or muted? Well, here are some tips that will help you to avoid this!
1.When you get on RuneScape with an active account, keep your calm. It is important to resist the temptation to make a scene on RuneScape


2.If you are starting to feel angry, count to ten before typing. It seems kind of lame, but it gives you about ten seconds to consider your actions. If you still feel heated, log off and exhaust your anger on something else.

3.Don't break any of the RuneScape rules. If you've advertised websites with past accounts, chances are you're muted for a reason. If you're banned, it's because you've broken a RuneScape rule (if this is not the case, contact Jagex and inform them that your account was not breaking any rules, and fight to get it back).

4.If someone pressures you to break the rules, or if someone is making fun of you, get out of there. If they begin to follow you and continue to make you feel bad, report them and ignore them. Alternatively, teleport away somehow.

5.If you really have to type something to get it off your chest, go to an empty location where no one can hear you and let it out.

RuneScape Rules (What not to do)
1)Macroing, and use of bots or third-party software
2)Real-world trading, or buying power-leveling
3)Ratings transfers
4)Buying, selling or sharing an account
5)Knowingly exploiting a bug
6)Jagex staff impersonation
7)Password, account, bank PIN or item scamming
8)Advert blocking – (the adverts pay for the games you play)
9)Encouraging others to break the rules

1)Discrimination of any kind, whether based on another player's race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs
2)Threatening another player, or bullying of any kind
3)Using obscene or inappropriate language
4)Spamming, or disruptive behaviour
5)Misuse of the forums

1)Asking for or providing personal information such as full names, ages, postal or email addresses, telephone numbers or bank details
2)Discussing or advocating illegal activity of any kind, such as the use of illegal drugs
3)Advertising other websites

Don't scam! Scamming is against the rules, and will ban you immediately.
Don't spam! Even low level players hate that! It makes it hard to communicate to other people using the chat window, or if the private/public chat split is off.