Game Guide Updates: Pets and Mounts, Scenarios

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Starting today, World of Warcraft’s game guide is home to two new sections: An interactive Pets and Mounts gallery, and a new section for the scenarios of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

Pets and Mounts

This section includes information to help you find your ideal mount or staff your perfect pet battle team, including required riding skill and all battle pet statistics (family, starting attributes and abilities). It lists the zones that they can be purchased, found or (in the case of pets) tamed in. If you need to buy a particular pet or mount from a vendor, you’ll see its gold cost (unaffected by reputation discounts) and be able to preview its look. Everything included on this page is pulled dynamically from World of Warcraft, so any future changes to abilities or costs will be reflected here when they’re made in-game.

We’ll continue updating this page in the future as new pets, new pet skills and more exotic mounts find their way into Azeroth. Take a look and start your wild hunt now!


We created our new scenario guide pages to make it easier for you to get into the new scenarios and to provide you with all the information necessary to get the most out of this new content. Each page features a bit of backstory for each scenario as well as screenshots, maps, and an overview of each scenario’s objectives and rewards.

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Other Latest updats:

Patch 5.1 Live This Week

Patch 5.1 has been officially confirmed for this week!

Item Upgrades

WoWDB now has item upgrade support!

Upgradeable items

Non-Upgradeable items

Tooltip support! (Upgrade Level 0 / Upgrade Level 1 / Upgrade Level 2)

New Reputation Gear

Patch 5.1 adds two new factions: Operation: Shieldwall (A) and Dominance Offensive (H).


We will keep post the latest news to our gamers.