Albion Online To Be a Long Term Success

rs2007walmart Date: Jan/11/17 15:36:43 Views: 829

Now that the closed beta test is in full swing, we have a very important announcement to make. Our goal is for Albion Online to be a long term success, therefore, we only want to release the game when it is truly up to its potential. The extension of the closed beta period will allow us to make significant improvements to the game.



Basically being the first truly cross platform MMO, Albion Online is a rich sandbox experience with many elements borrowed from old school MUDs and dungeon crawlers with a massive, sprawling, and ever-changing landscape as players fight for glory, resources, and, of course, Albion Online gold


With gameplay similar to the old school classics like Diablo, Neverwinter, and Baldur's Gate, it's addition of the player-driven economy ala EVE Online makes the game a fantastic pick for anybody who wants something different in the MMO landscape. In essence, it's quite attractive, With regard to more albion online latest news, you can head over to official website UPAlbion to get more. 


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